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Live Chat

Live Chat support is the most interactive of all online support practices in both customer and technical domains. This fast growing BPO trend is extremely useful for two reasons. One, you have a round the clock Chat assistance whereby you can share your problems and get them resolved in the least possible time. Secondly, the environment you work in when you make use of offshore Live Chat support is highly interactive – it's more like a chat session with a friend of yours sitting in some remote corner of the world and assisting you on how to handle a particular relation. You can afford to be informal, casual and even personal.

This is one reason why the concept of outsourcing Live Chat support has received positive and highly encouraging accolades from all over. The only problem companies face incorporating Live Chat with their business is the need for professionals – real time experts, who can cater to their customers 24X7. That's exactly when outsourcing comes into picture.

With The TactTree, the first advantage you earn is its Indian base, something that has been appraised worldwide for quality services – roping in higher success rate and increased customer loyalty. With highly talented experts having both knowledge of your technical domain and great communication skills, every The TactTree personnel is fully equipped to support you for the entire life cycle of your products/services from Pre Sales to Post Sales

Availing offshore Live Chat support from The TactTree gets not just great services but you have the opportunity to redefine standards in professionalism by being able to smartly handle all your customers right at their disposal – being there the moment they demand you. You ease out your schedule without depending upon the clock, and thus earn extra time to spend planning new strategies to grow your business. What's more, you need not spend on manpower recruitment, training & infrastructure for outsourcing Live Chat.

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