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Email Marketing

Email marketing services include a variety of features to help you create a successful email marketing campaign, including easy-to-use templates, advice on how to run a successful campaign, reporting features to monitor your campaign and more.

Email marketing services are an excellent way to professionally communicate about your business to email subscribers and customers. Regular newsletters and advertising campaigns allow you to grow your business effectively, and surveys give you valuable feedback.

The TactTree offers expert e-Mail marketing solutions which are convenient enough and customized to gather the wants of a diversity of businesses. e-Mail advertising has become very powerful marketing tool to market on internet, but many companies are looking for best options to launch a successful e-Mail campaign. We also integrate interactive applications in our e-Mail which hit the brains of the readers.

The TactTree offers extremely professional service to optimize your e-Mail marketing campaigns. We very much focus on what are services and can bring out the best from propose. With other service representation sales and marketing also carries equal priority and we feel pride to provide this excellent service at incredible lower rates. When you allocate project to us, you are confident of execution completion on time not for once but every time.

Our e-Mail marketing services campaign comprises with various direct marketing applications and company also does extremely well in providing data management solutions, data intelligence, lead generation lists etc. like creating relevant data base for your target market by internet search, writing effective mail message to increase response rate & sending mails at one-to-one bases not in bulk mail style.

Role of Research Team

Every day Lead Researcher updates the research database after reviewing the research list of an individual researcher from his team. He oversees the data of an individual and verify. Every time Lead Researcher updates the online Research Database when a researcher finishes up his research for one solution provider and starts a new list. Lead Researcher picks up random person from the list and verifies his details and if found any mistake then asks him to correct the data and show the techniques of research. Lead Researcher improves the vision of researchers in their day to day work and also trains the new hires. Lead Researchers do the same research work.

Services we facilitate for e-Mail marketing

  • Create HTML e-Mail marketing templates
  • Customize templates in our drag-and-drop editor
  • Schedule your e-Mail Campaign
  • Create e-Mail campaigns with the help of our experts in a snap, your E-Mail     specially focused and effective.
  • Auto responder mails as and delivery reports when required.
  • Handling and arranging your list of contacts and segregate them for different     campaigns with our help.
  • Definite execution of dispatch of emails.
  • Track of campaign performance with several tracking tools and performance     estimators.
  • e-Mail Marketing has proven very successful for those who do it right