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Pipeline Generation & Sales Engagement

Pipeline Generation

A large volume of poorly-qualified leads is the last thing your sales team needs from your marketing department. You need a process and a team that ensures maximum credibility for the marketing team with the sales team.

The TactTree integrated marketing tactics combine multilingual email marketing, web, direct mail, and high level IT savvy telemarketing to ensure that you are generating truly "qualified" sales pipeline.

Sales Engagement

Simply sending leads to the sales team only exacerbates the conflict between Marketing and Sales teams.

Best Practice requires that Marketing teams go further, and actually "Engage" the sales teams with sales opportunities that are "Marketing Qualified" and works with the Sales team to ensure they become "Sales Qualified".

The TactTree methodology achieves this through "Warm-handover" conference calls that are facilitated by our business development teams.

The specialist at The TactTree who generated the lead also organizes a conference call between them, your sales person and the lead. On the conference call The TactTree specialist makes the introductions, confirms the interest and only then hands over to your sales person. After the call your sales person decides whether this lead is "Sales Ready" or not.